Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 2: Rainy Day

It was raining, so yeah, you know what I mean. Another COLD day. You know, here, once it rains - it rains the whole day. Not like KL, when the rain stops we can go out rain-less the rest of the days.

Since Monash University Clayon Campus is quite near from where we are staying currently, along Springvale Road, so we just go rounding around the campus before checking Berwick.

Using Princes Highway, we passed Dandenong, another suburb.
Some road construction going on...

Berwick here I come! Okay, after an hour drive.. Yay~ Reached campus! Check it out...

And there's someone rearing cows nearby the campus. Check it out.. when we stopped to take some pictures of the cows, the cows looked and came nearer to us (in the car still) but was blocked by the fence.

Dad mum said they are greeting us 'Welcome to Berwick!' but I was thinking they look like 'Help us to get out!!!'
You can enlarge the pictures by clicking on it..., and when the new page opens, click again to enlarge more~

This is the Hall of Residence.. the place where I'll be staying.
This is where I'll be studying...~

Oookkkaaayy next destination... PHILLIP ISLAND~ As usual, I would be the one who reads the map, 'co-driver'. It's a loooong tiring journey and had no time to tour around the island because we get going from Berwick quite late.

Clayton Campus map

Berwick Campus

Penguin Parade was a disappointment. We paid AUD21 per person and you cannot take pictures of the penguins (according to them: not to scare them away)

Every evening at dusk, the little penguins come home from the sea at Phillip Island. Penguin Parade takes place in the open outdoor, there's benches but no shelter. Manage to see the penguins came up from the sea and walk in groups to find shelter for the night. But because of the heavy rainfall and cold, windy night, we couldn't stay long out to watch the penguins. True disappointment.

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