Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 5: My NEW Room!

Here I come...!

Paul shows me how to open the block A door


Happy me with my new room...

..what sleep... the process..

...learning how to lock my room door

...out from block A

time to cuci baju (lol you wont want to know why)

learning how to use the washing machine and dryer

umm.. it supposed to be a joke

all also want to learn..

'gau tim'

This is the common room called 'Pavilion'...

Checking part of Berwick town...

Dad's friends treat us dinner at Sofia Restaurant, at Burwood. It's an Italian restaurant - as usually they serve pasta, spagetti, risotto, pizza... A reunion for the PWC people.

Dinner is served... the portion here is HUGE.. so we ordered a few and share...
Salad, fried squid, 3 pizzas, 2 spaghetti...

Because we sat there till they were about the closed (scared kena halau keluar), dad friends ordered... 3 slices of different cakes with ice cream and tiramisu.

Bye bye... Thank you for the dinner, aunties uncles....

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