Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 11: Enrolment Day

A different morning today. Woke up because the cleaners were vacuuming outside the corridor. Loud and noisy. And guess what? I discovered ANTS entering my bathroom from the carpet. Ohhh Noooo..! Ants Attack!!~ Must be I dropped sugar or honey on the carpet. (sorry though, no pics of the ants -but it looks like Malaysian usual big black ants, not the gigantic ones)

So...... I called 'VACUUM CLEANER', my friend. Borrowed from the Residential Services Office. Besides vacuum cleaner, MRS (Monash Residential Services) also provides clothes iron and ironing board.

'My friend' cleans every corner of my room. Since my room is carpeted, except bathroom, it's DIRTY. ZZzzzz...
So after vacuuming, I made breakfast+lunch. It's bread with ham and cheese! I fried the ham, then together with cheese and bread, I put it in the microwave. Yumm...~ I think instead of getting thinner (usually that's what people expect when you are staying alone), I'm the opposite :O

After that, went to the Faculty of Business and Economics to enroll myself into the campus and select my 2nd semester units. It was quite difficult as most of them did not meet some pre-requisites. So I had to take two electives this semester due to it. I asked them if I could take Korean language, but SADLY it's not offer in Semester 2. Thus, I'll be taking Korean language unit in 2011 ^^ So after selecting the units, we had to allocate our timetable immediately as it closes on 8th July.

Here are my 2nd semester units:
  1. Company reporting
  2. Investment and portfolio management
  3. Corporations law and trusts
  4. Introductory macroeconomics
When I told dad, he said they are interesting subjects. Uughh.. Hopefully, (pray pray pray) I'm able to do well this semester as I heard the units are difficult. Huhuhuuu... Then I had my Student ID photo taken on the spot. They use a webcam to take my picture over the counter. After the photo was taken, it only takes like 5 minutes for the Student ID card to be processed and.. Taaaddaaaa.....!

Can you see the difference?? On the left is my new card, right is my old card. Do I look a little slimmer for the new card? Hehh.. And the thing I keep on laughing about it that my face is at the bottom, not center. Ya lahhh, I short. But luckily my whole face still in that 'square'. Lol!

In the evening, I checked my letterbox and found out that I HAVE MAILS! Hmmm... but it's not the type of mail I wanted. Invoice from MRS regarding monthly room payment and letter from Westpac (I've opened an account with Westpac, an Australian bank)

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  1. for your student ID, how does it look like at the back?