Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 9: First Outing with New Friends

As always, tried to got up at 12pm but the sun was shining bright (purposely pull up the blind at night so I'll wake up early the next morning). No use! Okay, about awhile after I online, someone came knocking on my room door. Guess what? It was the Resident Advisor, Syazni. She came and teach me how to use the facilities in the kitchen, laundry etc. She told me that today they would be having a trip to the supermarket at Berwick to get some groceries. I was super excited as my parents keep on asking me to get some fruits and veg (skin problem.. zzzz...)

The weather here is very very dry. I was told that the heater will make you dehydrated. Now I know, why I keep on having difficulties to swallow saliva and having dry throat as soon as I wake up in the morning. So now I'm putting more bowls of water around my room :)

After talking to mum on Skype in the afternoon, SUDDENLY the 'smoke alarm' was ON. I was actually quite panic, eventually took only my purse out (only filled with Malaysian ringgit- forgotten about the Aussie dollars.. zzz) and without any sweater on. The MRS Office (Nikki and Paul) and some other workers from the campus came running to evacuate everyone. Less than 5 minutes, the fire engine came~ eeee oooooo eeeee ooooo.... And a girl came to me and ask me if I'm new. Found out that she's Joy (President of Overseas Christian Fellowship Berwick), the person who put a note under my door. Introduce her friends and invited me to go out for a movie with them at Fountain Gate (4th largest Mall in Melbourne).

So yeah, went out to Fountain Gate at Prince Highway with Joy, Sarah, Ricardo, Alex, Tim and Erwin. We catch a bus at the train/bus station. AUD4.80 for a Daily Full Fare Zone 2.

Transport Guide

This shows the time the bus arrive and what time will it reach to your destination

Bus/train divided in Zone 2 (blue) & Zone 1 (yellow)

There's KMart, Target and Coles at Fountain Gate. Watch The Twilight Saga: Eclipse @ AUD11 per ticket. I was like doing my calculation (11 x 3 = RM33, and in Malaysia the cheapest I can get and nearby is in Summit @ RM5) And they said that usually the ticket is AUD17 per movie, there's promotion for today, I guess.

A small arcade nearby where we purchase our tickets

It's called 'Candy Bar' here

Review for the movie: Well, since the first time I watch Twilight, I actually hated it. The first time I watch, after the movie ended, my bro and I look at each other and laugh. We had no idea why we watched it but luckily watched in on Astro. I'm not sure why my cousins and some friends like it, maybe it's because of Edward and Jacob, but as for the storyline it's boring and it's not 'real' vampires that I'm into. Hahaa...! If you want good vampire series, I think Vampire Diaries is good (well I only watch like first 3 episodes but it's still good ^^) Or well if you like reading manga, they do have good vampire supernatural manga :)

Anyways, after movie we went to Coles to get some groceries. Ham, eggs, apples, milk, bread; totaled AUD8.80. Then had dinner at 'GRILL'D' (I think, not so sure). Ordered the cheapest beef burger called 'Simply Grill'd' @ AUD8.90. Good thing is, a friend borrowed me his MUBS card which offers a free drink for each meal ordered.

This is the bus. Similar to RapidKL

Please do the calculation on how much I have spent today. Goodnight!

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  1. hahaha...its so funny how you convert everything back to RM.i guess cant help it, i would do the same too. LOL.