Saturday, July 31, 2010

One Saturday Makan

Saturday early morning about 8.30am, Pastor Ken drove us (me, Alex and Sarah) to get items from Dandenong Market. At the same time, we send off Claire to a language school in Dandenong. Do you know that this language school offers language courses for only AUD30 (price may be wrong but less than AUD50) per course. Crazy cheap! But it's only for Australian citizens. Awww...

After 'shopping', we bought Lamb Kebab back for lunch @ AUD6 each.

I wanted to show you guys what's inside... so...
I opened it. I know it's not wise to do so.. hahaa!


....see! the more I touch, the thing that wrap the ingredients is tearing apart
(does it make any sense? lol! I don't know what I'm saying)

and it became like this...

This left over LAMB, I ate it with bread when I was hungry. About 1-2 hours later. LOL!

My dinner. Maggie with chicken and carrots. Very healthy!!! hohoho...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ash's Surprise Bday!

Food preparation by Tsi Yin, Cynthia and Amelia. Thanks guys. We 'berkumpul' at the flats about 6pm. What was told to Ashikin is that, they will bring her out for dinner ^^"

After the SURPRISE and everything, snap here snap there... we dig in...!

After dinner, something caught my attention....

This last pic is of another cat. It was scared of me, awwww.... but manage to zoom the cam well
everytime I get nearer, it went further...

Then... Tadaaaa CAKE TIME!!!
The CAKE is awweeesommeeee~!

Happy Birthday, Ash!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

First Parcel from Malaysia!

It's a good & not a good day! Good thing, my parcel arrived!!! Bad news, I locked myself out from the room! DEAD! If it's my third time, I'll be extra dead. I have to pay AUD10 for each time I lock myself out!


kononnye, from Korea lah tu...

My supposed farewell gift from Ivy brought back to Malaysia, and now it has returned to me! hohoho

Textbooks bought from Malaysia, or else you don't mind paying 3 times more here.

The day before, we had 'Res Dinner'. Everyone gathered at the Pavilion and we had pasta cooked by the Resident Officers, Paul and Nikki, and some pizzas and canned drinks. Because they cooked extra, too much.. the next day an email was sent to us saying - take those pasta left in the fridge before it's thrown away the following day. So.... I took back...

four tupperwares full with pasta and sauce :P
for today, tomorrow and the day after...!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Homemade Chinese Dessert

A picture taken by Kit, walking back from church.
Front from left: me, Stephanie
Back from left: Kim, Joy

Later that evening, Knock knock knock knock knock..... on my door. Joy standing there with a bowl of...

Thank you, Joy!!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mount Baw Baw

Mount Baw Baw is one of those mountains in Australia that snows during the Winter. You can check out about Mount Baw Baw HERE. It was organised by CLIC Church, around 20 members consisting of families and some students of Monash Berwick. We gathered at church about 7am, and after a short briefing and prayer by pastor,..... Mount Baw Baw here we come!

Ian, our driver drove me, Steph and Danny up. You know, people here drive very very fast. I can't believe we were actually speeding on the way up those winding roads. Those roads are like going up the Genting Highlands and Cameron Highlands. Had a really had headache and feel like puking. Zzzz....

At the foothill, there is a ticket booth that we have to pay the entrance fee to go up the mountain. It's 'JAM'!!! Payment is by per car, not per person. So after paying, on the way up....



everyone's ready~

Stephanie & mee...

Claire & meeee...

view down from ski hire...

Toboggan area (forgotten the price... maybe about AUD10)

"Aunty Carol, don't take pictures of me"


From left: Eddy, me, Thomas & Tetsuya (homestay-ing on summer vacation from Japan)

on the way to SnowBoarding & Ice Skiing area

it brings people on ski up

ski practice...

ICEEEE.... now I found out that snow is not 'smooth and nice' my image of snow - spoiled~

Ian pro in a day.. haha

Steph getting ready...

Bored Tetsuya making snow balls.. lol!
We talked about Japan, anime, manga... he tried his best to understand me, and I tried my best to understand him... hahaaa! gammmbattteee!!!
But awww... he's only 17 :(

We started to go back down about 4pm before it gets really dark. Quite scary driving down, like in Cameron Highland road, and with no street lights. EEEEeeeeeeee..... We have dinner at Sofia's.