Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 10: Night with some Residents

Today was different from yesterday and the day before, it wasn't sunny~ a.k.a 'mendung-lah'. Usually every night, I'll pull up the blinds so that I'll eventually wake up when it shines brightly and feeling a lil hot, but not for me (...close the blind, covers myself and continue to sleep) However today I woke up early (not like 7am lah, I meant 10am.. lol!) because the day was freezing cold that I have to on the heater) And as usual, my throat dries up and feeling dehydrated when I woke up.

Joy (my friend, which is also the President of OCF) rang me up and ask me to come over for dinner to welcome the new residents and asked me if I could bring a dish. 'Pot-bless'. Told her all I have is eggs, I could cook fried eggs ^^. Then she said nevermind just come only.

For your info, this is my lunch + breakfast. Plain yee mee in water with egg. You do not need to ask how it taste like. No comment.

So yeah, my online store is officially open again - which means busy with emails and inquiries. Sigh~! Lazy-nyeeerrr~ And as well as Skype-ing with my parents and aunt.

Dinner was at 8pm. And I just got a new nickname, MichWish.. hmmm... Interesting. At least it sounds better than Micheal or Micheal Ballack. Made new good friends too. We ate dinner, cooked by different people. Overall, yummmyyy.... because got 'REAL' food and 'REAL' rice and 'REAL' meat and 'REAL' veg. Awesome!

Then yeah, since it was organised by the Christian Fellowship, we had worship and prayer for good grades and sick people.

Back in the room, hear some songs and feeling a little hungry. You know lah, you go people's house, where can eat a lot like at home right? hehehee...
Ate raisins bread with hot milk :)

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