Monday, August 9, 2010

Singapore National Day!

Er... no Merdeka for me. Lol! August 9th is the National Day for Singapore (when Singapore was separated from Malaysia???) Since my group of friends are mostly Singaporeans, so the Singaporeans cooked a dish for dinner... (I get to eat :P) - well, the thing is I forgotten it was today. If I knew, I would have brought something D: They just called me to come over and have dinner.

everyone busy watching the parade in Singapore online...

Sarah with Paratha xoxo

...with the theme song, I Gotta Feeling... lol!

...THE END...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Chicken - Heartache

After church, we went to the butcher just right opposite the campus, 3-5 mins from church.

AUD10.61 (Special price) for 5 pieces! Heart-painnn....
And what more... I have to 'potong' the chicken myself.... huhuhuuu....
No more potong, no more... headache! The next time, I'll just get fillets!

Friday, August 6, 2010

First Self-Made Pasta

Sorry, I'm spamming my blog nowadays with food and more food. It's like my life revolves around FOOD only. Sad huh.. hahaha! Okay, more food pictures today!

I woke up not feeling well today. Maybe it was because of the rain yesterday. I didn't know why, but 'saya mau makan italian!'. Since I have pasta, sauce and some ingredients, I made pasta!

You know right? I eat normal although I'm sick. But apparently, I really really did not feel very well. Bad headache migraine in the evening, and I was like sleeping the whole evening. Couldn't attend the training with Pastor Ken that night. So sorry!

When I woke up about 8pm, I saw a message on my phone by Joy, saying 'there is a pot of porridge on the stove for you'. Thank you, Joy!!!
...with mix veg, chicken meat, yeepeng...

After eating, I went straight to bed again. O.O" Not good for the body, but who cares... I want to sleep!! The next day, we were supposed to go for this National Prayer & Mission Month 2010 in the city and watch 'Inception' afterthat. But yeah, to think of hanging out in the city the whole day till night, I don't think my body can take it. Sorry guys...!