Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 13: Dandenong Market

Friend called me yesterday night, invited me to Dandenong Market at 11am today. I was actually reluctant to go at first because I had lot of work to do and I thought it was just another 'shopping mall'. She called me yesterday morning as well, to the biggest shopping mall in Melbourne (forgotten the name) but I rejected her invitation. Can't go, my precious stocks arrived ^^ Stocks is more important than shopping. Since I don't like shopping for clothes, only food.. so well hehee... But because I had to get some items to stock up my empty fridge, and friend-mah... So I decided to go..

Dandenong is quite far from Berwick, so Ps. Ken drove eight of us there. It's not a safe place to go, so if you ever go there - please go in pairs or groups but not alone. Always keep your handbag close to you. Heard from someone that people got shot in Dandenong. Anyways, this is Dandenong Market.

Got myself a Lamb Kebab. According to the rest, the kebab here is popular. So of course, I had to try it! Next time I can bring you guys from Malaysia here. I ordered only the Lamb Kebab itself for AUD6. AUD9 Lamb Kebab set includes a can drink and fries.

This is the part that sells all food, the other side sells clothes, accessories, gifts, collectibles. It's CHEAP, heaven~~~ It's cheaper than buying from the supermarket home brand. I bought tomatoes, carrots, lemons and banana for about AUD3. Banana is only 99cents per kg. My two lemons cost 20cents only. The expensive one was tomatoes for AUD2.69 per kg :D *happy*

When I came back shopping for some cooking ingredients, my kebab is ready! Thanks Priscilla for ordering for me.
Then Ps. Ken brought us to a butcher that sells cheap meat (fish, chicken, beef, lamb, prawn...)
Bought chicken fillet with skin off for AUD9 per kg

It was a very windy day... At night, we have 'Ice Breaker Games Night' at the Pavilion for new residents. Most importantly, FREE food. ^^

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