Friday, August 6, 2010

First Self-Made Pasta

Sorry, I'm spamming my blog nowadays with food and more food. It's like my life revolves around FOOD only. Sad huh.. hahaha! Okay, more food pictures today!

I woke up not feeling well today. Maybe it was because of the rain yesterday. I didn't know why, but 'saya mau makan italian!'. Since I have pasta, sauce and some ingredients, I made pasta!

You know right? I eat normal although I'm sick. But apparently, I really really did not feel very well. Bad headache migraine in the evening, and I was like sleeping the whole evening. Couldn't attend the training with Pastor Ken that night. So sorry!

When I woke up about 8pm, I saw a message on my phone by Joy, saying 'there is a pot of porridge on the stove for you'. Thank you, Joy!!!
...with mix veg, chicken meat, yeepeng...

After eating, I went straight to bed again. O.O" Not good for the body, but who cares... I want to sleep!! The next day, we were supposed to go for this National Prayer & Mission Month 2010 in the city and watch 'Inception' afterthat. But yeah, to think of hanging out in the city the whole day till night, I don't think my body can take it. Sorry guys...!

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