Monday, August 2, 2010

First Self-Made Porridge

I think I need to find a boyfriend/husband who can cook. I feel so lazy to cook everyday. Sobbbb~ Recently, I paid AUD40 for a month, eating dinner with my friends on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday cooked by one of us. The money is used to purchase ingredients for the dinner and who is cooking? you offer yourself to cook. It's show your talents and skills time! Lol! I think one of those days also, I have to cook anyhow. Huhuhuuu... *Start looking up for recipes :O* Cooking is tiring and time consuming. That's why I dislike cooking. Pifff~

Okay, I actually do not know what to cook for lunch today. Was in the kitchen, my friend, Danny, was sick so he was cooking porridge. I was like, okay, I should cook porridge as well. Hahaha.. no ideas of what to cook, not because I'm sick or what.

Hmmmm... it turn out good, right? Hahaa.. The sauce on the porridge is from Danny, who was cooking chicken in 'dunno-what' sauce. In the porridge, I don't have much stuffs in my fridge, so I put in some ham. And a plate of carrots. The carrots are soooo sweet. Yum yum~ A friend of mine told me, I will be Bugs Bunny with those two front teeth! - because I said I eat carrots almost everyday. Apparently it's not good eating carrots a lot. Is it true?

My bananas.... Apa sudah jadi!!~

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