Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dinner @ Pastor Ken & Aunty Carol

No photos by me, *forgotten to bring camera*

We opened an OCF booth at MUBS today. It is a Multi-cultural Week, so we sold Kaya bread in the afternoon @ RM1. There are other stalls selling sushi, kuih-muih, red bean soup, kimchi, rice with some lauk etc... After that, hurried to Westpac with my friend to give them my 'tax file number' and got some groceries from Safeway. Halfway we were walking, and it started to drizzle, and then it rained heavily. No protection from rain, no umbrella... and I'm soaked in rain. Huhuhuu~

Due to the rain, (I guess).. I had a bad headache when we came back. Slept for an hour then got ready to go Ps. Ken's house. No OCF meeting today. Pastor, Ian and Kenneth fetched us. We had dinner and a great time of fellowship at Ps. Ken's house.

We had rice, fried meehoon, curry chicken, veg, roasted duck? ...etc (forgotten :P). And Aunty Carol baked chocolate cake after dinner and fruit punch?? when we had a fun time with games. Thanks to TJ for the weird games. Lol!

"Joy after an awesome dinner" by Pastor.

me, Luna & Sarah... & Kenneth

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